Fit Expression Group Training for Women is a group-based exercise program designed to burn fat, tone muscle, and keep you burning calories several hours after the workout is complete. We use a variety of resistance training and cardiovascular exercises to melts fat and strengthen muscles.

Working out in a group will motivate and inspire you to achieve your fat-loss and fitness goals. Positive encouragement and team spirit will motivate you to challenge your limits and achieve new levels of fitness and health.

Our group fitness classes make fitness fun—and help you achieve impressive results, fast.

You can also try out a fit-camp session for free.  Come check us out before you commit, to make sure we're a good fit. 🙂 Just make sure you let us know ahead of time that you're coming.



"Chantal is an inspiration and a dedicated teacher. Each time I go to class I am encouraged by her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. Every workout is different and all of them make me sweat!
Thanks Chantal for keeping me accountable for my health and wellness."


"I am really enjoying working out with Chantal - she pushes me to work hard and I see the results. Her encouragement and enthusiasm make exercise fun. :-)"


"Chantal is very motivational and very passionate, with her help I lost 9.6lbs in 6 weeks. She makes 6am fun and you will definitely feel the burn!"

Outdoor Fit-Camp Package Info


All packages include:

Fitness Success Session

This will help me determine your fitness level so we know where to start. If you are completely new to exercise we do not want to push you to do something that may injure you. 



You need to know your numbers. We need to determine where you are starting in order to set realistic goals. 


2 or 3 workout sessions a week

We will meet for 45 minutes each session. At the end of the session while stretching we can talk as a group about struggles, goals, accomplishments, etc.  

Your workouts will consist of strength and agility training with short bursts of cardio that will help rev up your metabolism and maximize your results. 

 I also include home workouts for the days we do not meet.


Access to our Private Facebook Group

You will be able to interact with the other members outside of class and get the support you need, whenever you need. I will also be posting recipes, tips and workouts to ensure you stay on track. 


Peer Support, Motivation, Accountability and FUN

You have a group of ladies who will support you and motivate you along the way. You will keep coming to class and look forward to coming because you will know that these ladies also depend on you. 

I will also provide you with all the help and support I can possibly give. You will have access to my cell phone so you can text me any time. If you need to be talked down from a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream you can text me or Facebook Messenger me and I will talk you out of it.


You can also add on our nutrition coaching plan for an additional $35/month, and receive the following:


Personalized Meal Plan

The meal plan I provide you with will be based on your personal calorie allowance and any food you cannot eat will be excluded. This includes meals for Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten Intolerance, Lactose Intolerance, etc.  All plans have been Dietitian approved.


Nutrition and Diet Coaching

I will ask that you sign up for MyFitnessPal and keep a food diary to keep yourself accountable. I will have you add me as a friend so I can view your food journal and provide feedback that will help you keep on making healthy choices.  I will also answer any nutrition questions you may have.

If you are like me and prefer to have a hand written food diary, then I can provide you with a weekly food log, or you can write things down in your own food journal. Whatever keeps you accountable.